Call for Entries 2021 – CLOSED

Our Call for Entries 2021 is officially CLOSED. We want to thank all filmmakers, who have submitted to „Fright Nights – the ultimate festival of fear“. We have watched all of your films and now it is up to the jury to decide who will win a „Silver Hand“ in one of our 6 categories. We will also announce our ???????? ????????? ???? by next week.

Fright Nights Jury 2021 – Mathias Lodd

Doc Nachtstrom musste sein Amt für das diesjährige Fright Nights Filmfestival 2021 in Pasching/Linz leider niederlegen. Als würdige Nachfolge wird Schauspieler und Horrorfilmenthusiast Mathias Lodd diese ehrenvolle Aufgabe übernehmen.

Doc Nachtstrom unfortunately had to resign from his position for this year’s Fright Nights Film Festival 2021 in Pasching/Linz. As a worthy successor, actor and horror film enthusiast Mathias Lodd will take over this honorable task.

Fright Nights Jury-Treffen

Am 25.6.2021 fand das erste Treffen mit der Jury des „Fright Nights – das ultimative Fest der Angst“ statt. Mit dabei waren Faye Hell, Michael Schreckenberg und Doc Nachtstrom sowie der Vorstand des Vereins CINE.ORGANISATION. Der Call for Entries ist noch bis 15. September für eure Einreichungen geöffnet.

On 25.6.2021 the first meeting with the jury of the „Fright Nights – the ultimate festival of angst“ took place. Among them were Faye Hell, Michael Schreckenberg and Doc Nachtstrom as well as the board of the association CINE.ORGANISATION. The Call for Entries is open for your submissions until September 15.