The Fright Nights Jury 2024

The Fright Nights Jury 2024

The Fright Nights Jury 2024

We are especially proud to present you once again this year with a Fright Nights jury boasting expertise, enthusiasm for horror, and a love for the genre. Taking on the particularly honorable task of reviewing and awarding your film submissions in 2024 are: Faye Hell, Mike Less, Stefan Sonntagbauer aka Dr. Horror, and Danny Filmgeek.

PS: You can still submit your horror films, whether short or feature-length, to us until June 15, 2024. Here you will find all the information about the Call for Entries 2024.

Faye Hell – Writer and Cat Enthusiast

Born in the heart of the green Styria and living near Vienna since 2008, Faye Hell is a writer whose work delves into the dark facets of art, culture, and society. As a Cultural Studies graduate with a focus on horror film studies, she possesses a deep understanding of the genre. Her latest novel, “THE LAST DREAM,” takes a dystopian look into the future, showcasing her ability to blend subtle tension with explicit violence. For Faye, horror is not just a passion but a life elixir that challenges societal norms and creates spine-chilling moments.

Stefan Sonntagbauer aka Dr. Horror – Cultural Scientist and Musician

Stefan Sonntagbauer, a renowned cultural scientist at the University of Vienna, passionately explores the theme of “Horror and Subjectivity.” His expertise ranges from gender criticism to analytical psychology, encompassing everything from classic vampire myths to modern horror classics. In addition to his academic work, Stefan is also active as a journalist and musician, having received several awards with his band Krautschädl. His podcast “Dr. Horror” provides insights into the dark corners of the genre, while his musical projects bring the eerie sounds of horror to life.

Mike Less – Podcast Host of “VIVA LA MOVIELUCIÓN”

Mike Less is a cinephile enthusiast with a special fondness for horror. From superhero comics to grimy zombies, he loves everything that makes a horror fan’s heart beat faster. As co-founder of the podcast “VIVA LA MOVIELUCIÓN,” he explores the diverse world of film with his team, with horror always holding a special place. With a keen sense of the uncanny and an unwavering enthusiasm for the genre, Mike brings his unique perspective to our jury.

Danny Filmgeek – Filmmaker and Horror Expert

Danny Filmgeek discovered his love for horror films during his school days in 2012 when he was fascinated by Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror.” Since then, he has continuously deepened his knowledge and passion for the genre, becoming a respected expert. As a member of the Fright Nights team, Danny strives to bring out the best in horror films and discover new talents that can enrich the genre.

We are extremely excited to welcome all four jurors to the Fright Nights jury 2024 and look forward to spending time together at the festival.