Jury 2024

The Fright Nights Jury 2024

This year, once again, we have assembled a Fright Nights expert jury from various fields of horror to evaluate your films, who will review your works. You can find all the information about the Call for Entries here …
Rest assured, your films are in the best hands with this renowned jury. Therefore, we are proud to introduce the members of the 2024 jury to you:

Faye Hell

Writer, cat enthusiast

Born in the depths of the green Styria, Faye Hell has been living near Vienna since 2008, in a house nestled between forest and cemetery. The cat enthusiast prefers to delve into the darker realms of art, culture, and society, always seeking works that challenge and perhaps even torment her. She wrote her thesis in the field of Cultural Studies (with a focus on film), titled “Serial Killers in Film and Their Historical Inspirations.” In her writing, she combines subtle terror with explicit violence and obscenity. Her current novel, “THE LAST DREAM,” offers a glimpse into a dystopian future.
For Faye, a life without horror is unthinkable. Her boundless love for horror was likely ingrained in her from birth, but it truly ignited through Stephen King. The first horror film to haunt her sweet dreams was John Carpenter’s “THE THING” (1982). Faye is eagerly anticipating your submissions, and she will equally relish deeply chilling moments and excessive blood orgies. Horror is often extreme, but above all, it should always be uncomfortable and challenge societal conventions.

Stefan Sonntagbauer aka Dr. Horror

Cultural scientist, podcast “Dr. Horror,” musician

The Viennese cultural scientist Stefan Sonntagbauer works on the topic of “Horror and Subjectivity” at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna. He researches, presents, and publishes on various topics related to horror, from “Dracula” to “Cannibal Holocaust.” He specializes in gender-critical approaches, analytical psychology, and subject theory. Recently, he toured with the film concerts of Collectiv Okabre, including lectures on George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead.” In addition to horror research, Stefan works as a journalist and musician. In 2018, he sparked a nationwide debate on the concept of homeland with an open letter to Andreas Gabalier. With the band Krautschädl, he has won the Amadeus award twice and received a gold record. With Jo Strauss, he won the renowned cabaret prize, Passauer Scharfrichterbeil.

Mike Less


It all began with superhero comics and “Masters of the Universe.” Mike (born in 1984) was enchanted by monsters, the eerie, and shady creatures even in his tender childhood. His curiosity soon led him to the darkest corners of horror literature and the captivating world of horror films. Influenced by the era of VHS tapes, where local video stores became his second home, his passion for collecting ignited at a young age and continues unabated to this day. He has a particular fondness for Italian genre cinema of the 70s and 80s, with its quirky, sometimes bizarre works. From cannibal films by Bianchi and Fulci to giallos and moldy zombies – the slimier, the better!
Together with his equally cinephile colleagues Kane, Korbi, and Sebbe, Mike guides the fate of the self-ironic podcast “VIVA LA MOVIELUCIÓN,” which comes in Bavarian dialect and takes aim at the entire media landscape. As “VIVA LA MOVIELUCIÓN,” they have even secured a place as an official media partner of the renowned HARD:LINE Film Festival in Regensburg.

Danny Filmgeek

Director, Horrorexpert

During his school years in 2012, Danny Filmgeek encountered the horror genre when he discovered Robert Rodriguez’s film “Planet Terror.” This encounter sparked a passion for grindhouse-gore films in him and opened the path to a deep engagement with the genre. Since then, he has immersed himself intensively in horror literature and film, drawing inspiration from directors such as Sam Raimi and Edgar Wright. Through this, he learned to understand and appreciate the importance of practical effects, expanding his understanding of the art of horror.
As a member of the Fright Nights team, Danny Filmgeek considers it his mission to protect and promote genre cinema. He takes pride in being part of a group that shares these values and is passionately committed to bringing out the best in horror films. His love for films like “The Thing” and “Evil Dead” reflects his deep connection to the genre, while he also strives to discover and support new works that push the genre forward.