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Festival passes as well as day tickets for Fright Nights – the ultimate festival of fear, which will take place from October 16 to 19 at the Hollywood Megaplex Pluscity, will be available from September. All information can be found on our homepage as well as on our social media.

Fright Nights Hollywood Megaplex
Hollywood Megaplex

Ticket prices 2023

Day tickets and festival passes are now available. Both can be purchased either online or directly at the box office in the Hollywood Megaplex Pluscity.


€ 8,00

  • Alle Kurzfilmblöcke des ausgewählten Tages
  • Alle Langspielfilme des ausgewählten Tages*
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*exklusive der Filme des Hollywood Megaplex Specials – Blood Maschines, Man-Eater & Killviertel


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