Our Partners

Sponsor & Supporter

The Hollywood Megaplex has been supporting the Fright Nights Film Festival for many years, making the Hollywood Megaplex our most important and largest partner. The cinema and the entire team support us every year in organizing the Fright Nights horror film festival.

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Hollywood Megaplex

Media Partner

Alongside the Hollywood Megaplex, our media partners are an essential part of the festival. They not only stand behind Fright Nights, but also support us every year and help us to bring our impulses, content and focus to our horror community.

Festival 4 Festival

Nowadays, it is very important that festivals support each other. By acting together, we allow ourselves a wider reach and reach out to a specific audience. By working together, we not only strengthen our own events, but also the festival culture as a whole. Together we can share the joy and enthusiasm for festivals, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Cooperation partners

Our cooperation partners have a very special status, because their love of horror and Fright Nights puts the bloody crown of thorns on the festival.