Team / Board

Chiara Kamnik

Festival Management/ Chairman

Chiara is the organizer and festival director of the Fright Nights Horror Film Festival. She is also the chairman of the CINE.ORGANISATION society.

Heinz Olbrich

Deputy Chairman

Heinz Olbrich, founder of CINE.ORGANISATION and the Fright Nights Festival, has been stepping back from festival leadership in recent years to concentrate on his own creative practice. We look forward to experiencing his masterpieces.

Florian Schriebl

Social Media, Treasurer

In addition to being the secretary of our society, Florian has also taken on the responsibility of data protection for our competition. As a musicologist, soundtrack design in horror films is his main focus.

Mario Fuchs

Dramaturgie, Secretary

Mario is not only treasurer of our society, but also a talented writer. His inspirations are Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. When not composing music for his guitar, Mario can build a LEGO horror castle within minutes.

Jennifer Brandner

Grafikdesign, Deputy Secretary  

Jennifer’s talent and skill for graphics and design is showcased annually in the festival.