Fright Nights Jury 2023

Fright Nights Jury 2023

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The Fright Nights Jury 2023 is a unique group of horror experts, each bringing their own specialty and passion to the festival. Untill the 25th of June you are able to submit your masterpiece of horror to Fright Nights – the ultimate festival of fear

Steffen Buchmann

Horror podcaster and film journalist Steffen Buchmann, also known as “Trashtaucher”, brings his enthusiasm for all kinds of horror playfulness. He loves nasty CGI creatures, nonsensical dialogues, and revels in the mundane. He lives his love for moving images through his work with various film publications. He has a particular affinity for the monochrome worlds of early 20th century horror films.

Markus Wimberger

Screenwriter, director, and screenwriter Markus Wimberger loves pushing boundaries, creating new paths, and crafting special horror atmospheres. Early on, he had a desire to make his own films, and he has already directed several horror films, featuring international actors such as Helmut Berger and Erwin Leder. Markus Wimberger particularly values films that push boundaries or try to take new directions. He pays special attention to atmosphere.

Dominik Balkow

Director, screenwriter, film lecturer, and acting coach Dominik Balkow is drawn to surrealism, the nightmarish, and the controversial. His passion for the surreal, nightmarish, occult, and controversial is evident in most of his films. After earning his degree in film direction in Berlin, he worked as an independent music video director, and his third short film “O” won numerous prestigious short film awards worldwide.

Faye Hell

Horror author and general horror enthusiast Faye Hell is a longtime and beloved companion of the dark paths. She is an established author in the horror genre, having published several books. Her love for horror is evident not only in her books but also in her work as a horror editor for various publications. She particularly loves subtle horror and has a preference for stories that develop slowly and captivate the audience.

The Fright Nights Jury 2023 is composed of four experts, each bringing their own preferences and expertise. The jury will carefully review all submissions and select the best films for the festival. The audience can look forward to terrifyingly beautiful film experiences selected by the jury’s experts.