K3 Filmfestival

K3 Filmfestival

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Welcome aboard the Fright Nights Film Festival in our “Festival 4 Festival” section! It is our great pleasure to welcome K3 Film Festival as our newest support partner.

Fright Nights Film Festival always strives to provide a comprehensive platform for cinema-loving audiences while supporting festivals with a genre focus. With this in mind, we are extremely excited to welcome the K3 Film Festival as part of our festival community.

The K3 Film Festival has established itself as an outstanding event that presents a wide variety of films and brings genre cinema (focusing on the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Northern Italy), Carinthia (Southern Austria) and Slovenia) to the forefront. With great enthusiasm we support this initiative and we are happy to share our passion for films together with K3 Film Festival.

Together we will work to reach a wide audience and promote exchange between different festivals. We are confident that the collaboration between Fright Nights Film Festival and K3 Film Festival will be fruitful and inspiring.

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In December, the K3 Film Festival transforms Villach into a meeting point for the supra-regional film scene and a venue for innovative and diverse cinema of three cultures.

With its focus on the regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Northern Italy), Carinthia (Southern Austria) and Slovenia, K3 presents the multifaceted filmmaking of these cultural areas, strengthens cinematic exchange and paves the way for new, supra-regional collaborations. Building bridges and overcoming borders are, besides the discovery and promotion of new talents, our central concerns.

Each issue of K3 is dedicated to a theme, which is by no means intended to be a programmatic specification, but rather a framework that captures and deepens the diversity of the film selection.

What does K3 mean?

Over the years, the meaning of K3 has become increasingly defined by the 3 cultural areas.

“K”, however, stands equally for cinema (at least in German and Slovenian) and – since the “K” is not officially used in Italian – also for the literal gap of cinematic exchange.

“3” legs are needed for a table to stand stably (at least according to the current state of the art).

For us, the “3” is the multiple of cinematic realities and cinematic experience that the three great European cultures – Slavic, Germanic and Romance – convey in a very small space.

What does K3 stand for?

For a bold and thoughtful selection of films,

For a projection space of different views and ways of life.

For a Babylonian confusion of languages during the festival, resolved by the lowest common denominator: English, which no one speaks flawlessly, but everyone understands.

For an informal festival experience, where audience and filmmakers meet at eye level. Relaxed, yet professional; spontaneous and surprising; networking and connecting; criticized and cheered.

All that is K3.