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Was haben Bunny, Witch Girl, The Meadow und Another World gemeinsam?

Sie sind die nächsten Vorstellungen des Vienna Fright Nights 2015 im Hollywood Megaplex Gasometer… What have Bunny, Witch Girl, The Meadow and Another World in common? They are the next movies we present at the Vienna Fright Nights 2015 in Hollywood Megaplex Gasometer.. Feature Films / Langfilme Another World by Eitan Reuven … an award…
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Teaser des Vienna Fright Nights Festival 2015

Dear Fans, All of you who have patiently been waiting so long for our Teaser can now take a deep breath, sit down and watch … Alle die schon lange gewartet haben, können nun endlich aufatmen….oder auch nicht, denn wir präsentieren euch den diesjährigen Teaser… [youtube]   Weitere Programmdetails unter Feature Films / Langfilme…
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Neue Einreichgebühren – New Submission Fees

Dear Movie-makers. This year we would like to accomodate you a little more and let our platform, the Vienna Fright Nights festival for amateur and (semi-)profi movie makers, be more stimulating: We reduce the competition fee for feature films in the competition for the Silver Hand in 2015: It was 50 Euros, and now it…
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