The Blue Rose

Feature Film

The Blue Rose 

THE BLUE ROSE ist ein surrealistischer Film noir, der in den 1950er Jahren spielt und die Reise zweier Neulinge verfolgt, die für eine Nacht einen scheinbar eindeutigen Mordfall aufklären wollen und sich dabei in einer alternativen Realität ihrer schlimmsten Albträume wiederfinden


USA 2023




thriller, horror, film noir, dark comedy, mystery, surrealism, psychological horror, camp, cult film, midnight, period piece, crime, fantasy, drama, psychological thriller


George Baron

Filmplakat The Blue Rose

Cast And Crew 

George Baron: Director
George Baron: Writer
Andra Gordon: Producer (Castle in the Ground, The Other Half, Another Earth, The Public Image is Rotten)
Sarena Khan: Producer (Adult Interference)
Jay Van Hoy: Producer (The Witch, American Honey, The Lighthouse, Beginners)
Tracie Dalton: Producer
Olivia Scott Welch: Key Cast “Detective Lilly” (Fear Street, Panic, Unbelievable)
George Baron: Key Cast “Detective Dalton” (Wet Hot American Summer, Adult Interference)
Ray Wise: Key Cast “Mr. Vallens” (X-Men: First Class, The Lazarus Effect)
Danielle Bisutti: Key Cast “Norma Steele” (Insidious: Part Two, God of War)
Logan Miller: Key Cast “Lloyd” (Escape Room, A Dog’s Purpose)
Nikko Austen Smith: Key Cast “Sophie Steele” (The Birch, Queen Sugar) 

Headshot Director The Blue Rose

George Baron

George ist ein 18-jähriger LGBTQ-Autor, Schauspieler und Regisseur. Sein Debüt als Autor und Regisseur gab George im Alter von 8 Jahren mit einer abendfüllenden Produktion eines Original-Musicals am Whitefire Theatre. Im Jahr 2019 konzipierte und inszenierte George eine viel beachtete Inszenierung von Spring Awakening für Jugendliche am Stella Adler Theatre. George hat auch als Kinderdarsteller in Hollywood gearbeitet, wo er in dem Spielfilm Adult Interference und in einer Nebenrolle in Wet Hot American Summer von Netflix mitspielte: First Day Of Camp. The Blue Rose ist Georges Debüt als Regisseur. Inspiriert wurde der Film durch eine Immersive Theater Art Show, die er im Februar 2020 leitete und in der viele der im Film vorkommenden Charaktere auftraten – alle inspiriert durch die Kunstwerke seiner Freundin und langjährigen Mitarbeiterin Sophia Victoria Frizzell.

Director Statement

The Blue Rose originated as an immersive theatre piece I created inspired by the surrealist artwork of a close friend. We ran for one night only and I woke up the next day and decided I wasn’t done with the characters we created. A month later, the COVID-19 Pandemic struck and in my summer isolation I put pen to paper and created the world of The Blue Rose. A “pastel-noir” film inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and the mysteries that lie underneath, I took much inspiration from Blue Velvet, The Love Witch and the series Ratched. Music heavily influenced the film as well — the filmic tunes of Angelo Badalementi and the sweeping symphonies of Bernard Herrmann, paired with the aesthetics of Melanie Martinez and the sultriness of Lana Del Rey. Upon filming the genre-bender, we instantly grew a heavy online presence with a following of young people who were fascinated by the visuals and the mystery of the secretive plot — fueled by Olivia Scott Welch’s large young adult horror following. We’ve had fan pages, Twitter theory threads and recently were invited to FierCon in Atlanta to do a panel about the film. In an increasingly divisive world, it is my intent for this film in its absurdist, off-beat way to help people who are targeted for being different. Although not a straight period piece, I set it in the quasi-50s — a time that was ripe with repressed fears and desires — to enhance themes of gender fluidity and facing fears in a universe that doesn’t allow them to be expressed. As a first time director, making the film has truly been a dream come true and I am so excited to share it with you all.