How to Disappear


How To Disappear

Die soziale Einsiedlerin Nina Moyse beschließt, noch einen Schritt weiter zu gehen und sich völlig aus der Gesellschaft zurückzuziehen, indem sie versucht, ganz zu verschwinden. Ihre Ziele ändern sich jedoch, als sie entdeckt, dass sie sich immer noch nach einer Form der menschlichen Interaktion sehnt.


England – 2021




Comedy, Horror, Short, Narrative Fiction, Thriller, Female Narratives, Psychological, Mixed Media, Dark Comedy, Death, Isolation, Live Action, Mental Health, Absurd, Mature Themes, Revenge, Surreal, Low Budget


Jack Carrivick

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Jack Carrivick

Newham born and Hackney based director Jack Carrivick has been working in the film and television industry for over fifteen years. Jack’s style is to find the funny in the macabre and to use comedy to break fearful tension.

Director Statement

I felt that delusional narcissism, which was once for the few, was becoming a quite popular personality trait. I decided to look at myself as a filmmaker and try to deconstruct my own art form to see how I
also fall into that same trap. By trying to hide my own ego from full view in the film I allow Nina to take centre stage and give her control. While I was writing it was influenced by Argento, Whilst shooting it, De Palma, and in the edit, Gaspar Noé