Mitten in der COVID-19-Pandemie meidet Chris, ein paranoider und egozentrischer Mann, jeden menschlichen Kontakt und flüchtet sich lieber in das, was im Fernsehen läuft. Als ein Freund ihn mit seinen Versprechen aus der Vergangenheit konfrontiert, muss sich Chris entscheiden, was für ein Mensch er im Inneren ist. Andernfalls wird sein Gewissen ihn verspeisen… bei lebendigem Leib.


Dauer: 0:15:00

Produktionsjahr: 2021

Herkunftsland: Italien

Regie & Drehbuch:
Christian Bachini

Christian Bachini

Christian Bachini is an Italian filmmaker born in Parma, in the wonderful region of Emilia Romagna. His passion for filmmaking began at a very early age and action, adventure and horror soon became his favourite genres.

At age 23, Christian moved to Asia in order to pursue his dream of becoming a Martial Arts actor. He established himself in Shanghai under the art name „Kang“, a word that in Chinese means „to counter and resist“. Beginning to work first as an extra and a stuntman, he went on to obtain a series of supporting actor roles, and finally he became lead actor and fight choreographer in a series of local indie productions like “Mao Pai Sha Shou/Fake Killer” and “Xia Dao Zhi Zhun/Break a Dead Lock”, becoming one of the few accomplished Mandarin-speaking foreign actors working in Shanghai.

During his Years in China he also became an advocate of Chinese-Western co-productions by working side by side with Italian Film Festivals to promote meetings between Chinese and European Producers.

After many Years spent in Shanghai, Christian’s passion for the horror genre came knocking. In 2020 he decides to leave Asia behind and step behind the camera to debut as director with his short film „Escalation“, a „proof of concept“ film from which he aims to kickstart a full feature film version based on the same concept.