Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool

„Devil’s Pool“ ist ein psychologischer Horrorfilm, der im ländlichen Australien spielt. Ein melancholischer Lehrer muss seine Vergangenheit überwinden, um seine Schüler vor dem rachsüchtigen Geist des Devil’s Pool zu retten.


Dauer: 0:17:20

Produktionsjahr: 2021

Herkunftsland: Australien

Regie & Drehbuch: Daniel Bibby

Daniel Bibby

Daniel Bibby is an independent filmmaker based in Brisbane, Australia. Daniel’s passion for cinema began at a young age, discovering his love for movies while working at his local video store.

It wasn’t long before Daniel was accepted into the prestigious New York Film Academy, graduating with a Diploma of Screen and Media. During this time, Daniel worked on various short films and feature projects, gaining set experience wherever he could.

Eager to surround himself with film at every opportunity, Daniel now manages an independent cinema in the heart of Brisbane, a position that allows him to continue his cinematic education while directing his debut short film Devil’s Pool.

Director Statement

Devil’s Pool is a film that deals with the lingering grief of a broken relationship and how easy it is to be seduced by the darkness of mental illness.

I chose to write and direct the film based on my own experiences with mental health and how it has affected those around me. In 2013, my uncle succumbed to his own grief of loneliness and took his own life. With Devil’s Pool, I wanted to show how loneliness and grief could take the metaphoric form of a sinister siren, luring her victims to their demise.

This inspired me to write Rick, a man running away from his past only for the darkness to catch up with him, forcing him to face his demons. He has to make the choice: will he overcome them or let them completely consume him from the inside?