Nach dem frühen Tod seiner Frau, die einer seltenen Bluterkrankung zum Opfer fiel, verwandelt der trauernde Getty seinen Hobbyschuppen in einen blutigen Altar der Anbetung und brutaler Opfer auf seiner unerbittlichen Suche nach Erlösung. Sein Verfall in den Wahnsinn wird das Blut Vieler zu Folge haben


Dauer: 0:12:37

Produktionsjahr: 2020

Herkunftsland: Canada

Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn


Paolo Mancini Director

Daniel Watchorn Director

Paolo Mancini Writer

Daniel Watchorn Writer

Paolo Mancini Producer

Daniel Watchorn Producer

Bruno Verdoni Key CastMolly’s Game

Marianne Sawchuk Key CastAnything For Jackson

Christian Bielz CinematographerBackcountry, Pyewacket

Tom Randaxhe EditorArrival, Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects

Dillon Baldassero ComposerAmerican Hangman, Black Cop, Rules for Werewolves

Marc Boucrot ColoristIrreversible, Climax, Lux Aeterna

Jodie Rice Production Designer

Daniel Watchborn, Paolo Mancini

Daniel Watchorn was born in Aylmer, Quebec, and is now based in Montreal. He has a B.A. in Film Studies from Concordia University. He is a founding member of the rock band Priestess and composed music for the feature horror film Backcountry (2014) as well as several shorts with his bandmate and fellow composer Vicenzo Nudo under Freres Lumières. In 2014, Daniel made his directorial debut with the short film La Mallette Noire, co-written and co-directed with Caroline Monnet. He co-wrote the feature Bootlegger, directed by Caroline Monnet which is scheduled for release this October. He is an alumnus member of the Stowe Story Labs and works as a Motion Capture Shoot Lead for Game On.

-Paolo Mancini: Originally from Aylmer, Quebec, Paolo is an award-winning actor, screenwriter and producer based in Toronto. His films have sold worldwide to Netflix, WalMart, The Movie Network, and HBO Canada & Europe; to name a few. Bloodshed marks his directorial debut. The film had its WORLD PREMIERE at the coveted Fantasia where it won BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY in the “Les Fantastiques Week-Ends du Cinema Quebecois” Competition. The film has now been selected to 75 international festivals; garnering numerous awards including BEST CANADIAN SHORT FILM at Requiem Fear Fest. The Baker, a feature he co-wrote starring Ron Perlman, Harvey Keitel & Elias Koteas is currently in post-production. Paolo is an alumnus of the NSI Script-to-Screen Program and the TeleFilm & CFC Feature Comedy Exchange.

Daniel Watchborn, Paolo Mancini