22:43 – Das Schicksal hat einen Plan

2010 Ö; R: Markus Hautz; D: Martin Loos, Anton Nouri, Laila Alina Reischer, Silvia Schantl; 93 Min.

It’s the point of time, when many lives change irreversibly. 22:43 is, when the second chance leads to utter disaster. At 22:43 it becomes evident that fate
determines the future.
365 days. 416 pages. Euphoria. But no one’s interested in Max’ manusript. Reality again destroys his big dream of a writing life. 365 days. 416 pages. Frustation. A night-time walk should righten the world again. The opposite becomes reality. White light, then darkness. The car missed Max, but all of a sudden an eerie aura surrounds him. Trepidation. Anger. Grie

Slowly but surely the cladding begins to crumble and the two biggest tyrants appear: Coincident and time. In this opaque game of a dark and unknown power a 15 year old secret is the key to knowledge. With any further hour Max becomes aware of his guilt…

Bei den Fright Nights 2012 nominiert für bester Profifilm und Martin Loos als bester Darsteller in Profifilm.

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