About the festival

“Fright Nights – The ultimate festival of Angst“ is an Austrian horror film festival founded by Heinz Olbrich, whose program includes long and short films, professional productions and home movies as well as German and international films. In 2013, films from more than 30 countries had been screened – often in the presence of directors and performers.

One of the organizers’ principle is not to reject any film because of his or her own taste but to offer an opportunity to show all productions that fit into the program of the festival.

From 2005 to 2013, the event was held at five different locations and a total of over 300 films were listed. Since 2006, the Silver Hand has been awarded in several categories among the films participating in the competition.

The Silver Hand

The Silver Hand was first introduced in 2006. At the first “Fright Nights“ Festival in 2005, interest in German and Austrian amateur and independent productions was even greater than in the international cult films. That’s why the festival was transformed into a competition festival. Besides the official competition, out of competition entries are also welcome.

The Silver Hand is currently awarded in five different categories.

Categories of the Silver Hand:

  •    Best Feature Film (will be included in the regular program of the Hollywood
  •    Best Short Film
  •    Best Actor
  •    Best Actress
  •    Trash-Film-Award
  •    Best mutilation scene

The Silver Hand is awarded by a jury, except for the explicit audience award.

The design of the Silver Hand presents the internationally known symbol of the devil horn. The Silver Hand is produced by different manufacturers, hence the awards’ design varies from festival to festival.


The Horror Film Festival “Fright Nights – The ultimate festival of Angst“ was founded by Heinz Olbrich in 2005. Originally, the festival was planned as retrospective Festival. Films that hadn’t been screen in the cinema and probably would never to be screened again should be screened from a 35mm print. However, the first festival already showed that the interest in German and Austrian amateur and independent productions was even greater at times, so the festival was developed to a competition festival in 2006.

Besides. there were rumors that the venue of the first festival – the cinema Pörtschach – should be demolished. Therefore, the Torture Museum at the Castle Sommeregg in Seeboden was chosen as a new venue. There, the films were shown not from 35mm masters but with a video projector.

Since this place was difficult to reach, in 2008 the event moved to the VolXhaus in Klagenfurt, in 2010 to Vienna at Breitenseeer Lichtspiele, then 2011 it landed at the Hollywood Megaplex Gasometer.

In 2017, we went to the Hollywood Megaplex PlusCity in Linz, Pasching.