Hier Opfer werden im Verein CINE.ORGANISATION

The Board

Chiara Kamnik, Obfrau

Chiara Kamnik

Neben der Tätigkeit als Obfrau im Verein CINE.ORGANISATION hat Chiara Kamnik auch die Leitung des Fright Nights Horrorfilmfestivals im Jahre 2020 übernommen. Als Musikwissenschaftlerin und Kulturmanagerin schlägt sie sich durchs Leben.

Heinz Olbrich, Obfrau Stv.

Heinz Olbrich
Debuty Chairman

Heinz Olbrich, founder of the society and the festival, has been putting down is leading role in 2020 in order to concentrate on his own creative role within horrorfilms. We are looking forward to his masterpieces.

Florian Schriebl

Besides Florians role as the secretary of the society he has also taken over the protection of your datas (data protector). As a musicologist he has dedicated "Music in Horrorfilms" a very special focus.

Mario Fuchs

For the society Mario is not only tresurer but also a gifted writer. He gets inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and the Chipmunks. Once he is not comeposing music for his guitar he can build a Lego-Horrorcastle with in minutes.

Become a victim (club member)

You would like to support the association and its activities? Then you are with a small membership fee of only 20 € per year anerkanntes Opfer recognized victim in the association CINE.ORGANISATION Fright Fighter and may officially call yourself a Fright Fighter. Just fill out the form and we will contact you for all formalities. As a member you will benefit from many advantages, such as exclusive club meetings, ticket reductions, meet & greets with our filmmakers and much more. Of course there is also the possibility to become a Horror Patron (extraordinary sacrifice) Here you are in with 50 €.