Summer of Blood

SUMMER_OF_BLOOD_poster_finalCountry: USA, 2014; OT: Summer of Blood; Genre: Vampire Comedy; Director: Onur Tukel; Writer: Onur Tukel; Stars: Anna Margaret Hollyman, Dakota Goldhor, Onur Tukel, Dustin Guy Defa; Runtime: 86min;

Chosen as one of Indiewire’s 10 Films to See at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and Wall Street Journal’s Top 5 films to catch at Tribeca!!

Lousy lover and egocentric Eric Sparrow is dumped by his girlfriend after rejecting her martial proposal. After a few failed dates his luck turns when a chance encounter with a vampire turns him into a sex god.

Vampire comedy about relationships, attraction, commitment and the true meaning of ‘eternity’. Eric Sparrow, egocentric, emotionally-stunted New Yorker. Not too bright, not very attractive finds himself on the brink of a premature mid-life crisis. He is dumped by his girl-friend after rejecting her martial proposal and stuck at a dead-end job. One night, he runs into a vampire in an alleyway. When he wakes up from the darkness, he finds himself changed forever. He’s stronger, more confident and free to do whatever he wants. Dating is a synch. He’s a lothario, a sexual dynamo; able to seduce any women he wants without even trying. Finally, he’s free and unshackled with not a care in the world. Except for one little thing, the excruciating stomach pains. There’s only one remedy for that….BLOOD!

[vimeo 88917341]

Official Selection
Screening: Samstag, 11.April 2015
Time: 18:00

„If Woody Allen made a vampire flick, it might resemble Summer of Blood. Summer of Blood Is One of the Best Horror Comedies in Years!“ – Bloody Disgusting

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