The Perfect Husband

Italien 2013; Regie: Lucas Pavetto; DarstellerInnen: Bret Roberts, Gabriella Wright, Carl Warthon, Daniel Vivian, Tanja Bambach. 83 Min. DCP.

The idyllic romance of a perfect married life is ruined by a tragic event: the spontaneous death of their unborn child .Viola and Nicola are dragged into a spiral of darkness that forces them to face the most difficult period of their long-standing relationship.While Nicola finds the strength to overcome the traumatic experience, Viola seems the victim of an incipient depression. To overcome those dark times Nicola decides to organize a relaxing weekend at his uncles cabin hoping to find a little of their lost serenity in the silence of the woods.Nicolas love and constant attention will be blinded by his own obsessions and will turn their peaceful coexistence into a living hell.