Call for entries 2022

Horrorfilmfestival Pasching: Call for Entries 2022

Dear Filmmakers,

our "Call for Entries 2022" will be opened from 1st of April until 30th of June 2022 , where you can submit your beautiful horror productions to us. You can find the detailed informations within the entry form beneath this post. If you have anymore questions, just contact us with an E-Mail. We are already looking forward to your creative, bloody and scary horrormasterpieces.

Your Festivalteam.


Your Advantages

The submission modalities in detail

Additional Services of Fright Nights

How to Submit your entry

Horror-Awards "The Silver Hand"

Your Advantages:

  • Your film will be screened in a big projection screen
  • Your Film will be shown in front of a horror enthusiastic audience.
  • Your film has the chance to win a ”Silver Hand”
  • and thus be upgraded in the market and become publicly known.
  • The film winning the Award for Best Feature film will be included in the regular program of the Hollywood Megaplex!
  • You will recieve 3 free tickets.

The Submissions and applications for Fright Nights - the ultimate festival of fear is approved untill the 30th of june 2022. Early submission of films will help us with screening and planning and will also pay off for you. Depending on the number of films submitted, we have to select which ones can be included in the festival program and thus also in the competition.

The submission modalities in detail

The 18th Fright Nights Film Festival will take place at the end of october at the Hollywood Megaplex Pluscity in Pasching. We will let you know about the date in January.

The submission of short and feature films for the competition as well as for the ”out of competition“ entries is possible from April 1 to June 30, 2022. Completion and submission of the form constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions. an.

Submission fee and Deadline:

Fees apply only to submissions for the competition. Non-competition entries are free of charge. For our Young Talents under the age of 26 we have created an inexpensive submission fee. The submission will only be considered completed and valid when the submission fee has been paid in full into the following bank account. You can also submit your payment with PayPal. PLEASE NOTE: if you are chosing a payment via PayPal, we will have to charge an extra 2 € – if this additional fee is not payed, we can not consider the submission completed..

Entries are to be submitted by June 15, 2022:

  • Short films up to 30 minutes: € 20,-
  • Langfilme:  € 30,-
  • Young Talents: € 6,66,- (under the age of 26)

Our banc account:

BKS Bank AG,
IBAN: AT63 1700 0001 1300 0864


The largest screen at Hollywood Megaplex measures 340 m². If the resolution of the screening does not meet these requirements, we may have to remove the film from the program or even from the nomination. Therefore, only films whose screening version complies with the following format will be accepted: 

If you do not have acces to a software converting to DCP you may use the freeway that is linked above. You can find videos explaining on how to use the software on YouTube.


The Silver Hand is awarded in the following categories:

  • Best Feature Film*
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Trash-Award
  • Best Mutilation Scene

*will be included in the regular program of the Hollywood Megaplex!

The The award ceremony findet am letzten Tag (üblicherweise Samstag) des Horrorfilmfestivals Paschings statt.

will take place at the end of the festival, the exact date will be announced as soon as possible.

The following additional services will be offered for all films screened at the Fright Nights Festival:

Q&A Panel

After the screening of the film, selected cast & crew members can answer questions from the audience. – Applies to competition entries only.

Promotional Material

Promotional material such as posters and flyers about the film or other productions of the entrant can be brought and displayed in the cinema at designated locations.

Sales Booth

DVDs, Blu-rays of the film as well as merchandise can be sold at the festival.

For all films screening at Fright Nights Festival 2022, these services are included in the submission fee. However, these additional services can only be used by prior arrangement. The organizer of the Fright Nights Festival reserves the right to withdraw these additional services even at short notice.


All filmmakers whose film is shown at the Fright Nights Festival will receive three free tickets for this screening.


In which cinema hall the film will be shown depends on the number of tickets sold. Screening rooms with capacities ranging from 100 to 500 seats as well as the largest cinema screen in Austria are available.

How to Submit your entry

1.) Fill out the entry form aus.

2.) Please transfer the competition fee for participation – find the account details above.

3.) Send us 3 Filmstills, a digital poster, synopsis, headshot and biography of the director, pictures of the cast, the trailer and what ever else you feel sending us.

4.) Prepare the screener in DCP-Format before the notification date!

5.) Wait up untill we contact you about the official selection 2022.

6.) ONLY FOR FEATURE FILMs: Send your screener on a USB-Stick or an external harddrive to the following adresse:

Hollywood Megaplex Pluscity

Fright Nights 2022 – z.H. Markus Tober

Plus-Kauf-Straße 7

4061 Pasching

Short movies can provide a downloadlink on Google Drive, Dropbox or else. Please Note that the file must be converter to DCP.

As the projection technology at the Hollywood-Megaplex is at a very high level, please submit your movies in the DCP-format only. You can use this freeware in order to convert your files:

Note: The screeners muste be online and avaliable for our Jury untill the beginning of the festival in october. We will tell you in july weather we can consider your project for Fright Nights 2022. If you have any further questions please reach out to us at

Only movies submissed in time (30th of June) will be accepted!